I saw this video that a friend sent to me, you got to watch it.  It will really boost up your day.  It shows the Law of Attraction and how Positive Thinking and a Smile can go a long way.


I hope you like it, I know i did.

AIC Panel of SpeakersDay 3 is the last day, This time we had 4 speakers and was a very long day from 9am to 10pm. In the morning was PPC(Pay Per Click), basically refering to Google Adwords where you have to pay to advertise. If you want fast traffic, nothing beats PPC, but of course you have to make sure you learn the skill first, otherwise you might end up burning money fast. PPC is definately for people who already have businesses. The afternoon speakers talked mostly of the overall integration of the various systems together and how everyone need to get past your own personal barrior of fear. e.g. could be fear from failure, fear from rejection etc. Fabian ended off with his specialisation of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which is a very specialised technique and skill to acquire. It complements PPC as well, as when you do a Google Search, the left side displays the Organic search which depends on SEO, and the right side displays Paid search which depends on PPC. I feel that these two components of Internet Marketing are the most important as 80% of the world uses Google as a search engine and is the first place that people go when they get online.
Award for Affiliate Competition
After the Presentation, Fabian awarded the Best Speaker Award to Ben!! and he also announced the Price Winners for the Affiliates Competition. 1st Price was $1000, 2nd = $750, 3rd = $300, 4th = $200...etc. I was very suprised that I won 4th Place!!

So overall it was a really enjoyable Congress, and have learnt a lot more things on Internet Marketing. Year 2009 is going to be an awesome year for me, With my little girl, Naomi, coming out in March 09 and the growth of my various business.

Fabian + Andrew + Jean
Photo with Fabian

Day 2 was very interesting. We dived more into various other subthemes of Internet Marketing like product creation, ebay, email marketing. Product Creation - was talked by Virpi, who is really amazing, as she was on the floor with us 1 year ago!! Although she was alreading doing Internet Marketing last year, earning about 5k/mth from selling 1 ebook she created, now she is forking in around 15-20k/mth from various products she created. It is really inspirational to hear and see her success story. E-books should be focus on creating non-fiction, and one of the best target niche is looking at hobbies, which I agree is a very broad specturm to explore. As product creation is very time consuming, she does a lot of outsourcing, which is a very important factor in any business, unless of course you want to be superhuman, but remember people who are very Rich usually have a team under them. E-mail Marketing - was conducted by Jaz, who talked mostly of Building your database of List and, sell products that he find useful to his list through e-mail marketing. It is a very simple system of sending out e-mails!! Of course there is the need to make sure you have your Opt-In page on your website to capture the e-mail, and use various ways to make it more attractive, e.g audio, video, free ebooks, etc. The concept is simple. Not every person in a database will buy a single product, usually it follows the 80/20 rule, so if 20% only buy your products 80% will not, so rather than trying to convince that 80%, you could sell something else to that 80% and so on. As you can see, the one thing that is constant is the no. of people in your list. And you basically have to share with them what you found interesting and you are able to maximise revenue generation through your list.

- was conducted by Pai Kah Ben. He is truely a very unique character, but a very down to earth person who has gone through real hardship and depression, and has made a Come-Back like a Warrior!! He makes money through Ebay. Ebay is very unique as it is a world of itself, and the best part is everyone who is on ebay is wanting to buy something already, So it really comes down to sourcing for products to sell at a margin. Very straight forward and connects to the real world directly. According to Ben, he made US$5m+ in 2007!! That is truly an amazing achievement!!, who knows what he made this year....

Today was the first day at Asia Internet Congress 2008. It was really good. Fabian Lim, speaker and organiser introudcued the various speaker at the beginning. This was followed by an introduction to Internet Marketing. There is a 5 Step process, where Step 1 is the most important step. I'll briefing describe step 1 & 2 at the end of the post. We also had time to talk to the various speakers and learning from them by asking the relavant questions relating to their speciality. I definately gained great insight to the mistakes I made while learning Internet Marketing. The rest of the afternoon, the various speakers talked about their systems of making moneyonline, one is through blogging, one is creating a membership website with monthly subscriptions. As this is the first day of AIC, I'll summarise the important stuffs at the end of the Congress. So see you tomorrow, I will talk briefly about the 5 Step process and give you a start-up plan to Take Action. Click Read More Button. "Result is achieved only through Taking Action, otherwise it is still No Results or you end up giving Excuses."

There is a 5 Step process to Internet Marketing, where Step 1 is the most important step.

Step 1 - Peform Market Research
Step 2 - Website Creation
Step 3 - Traffic Generation
Step 4 - Focus on Sales Effort
Step 5 - Automation & Tacking I can say I have a lot of times missed up step 1. One thing I learnt from marketing is that you think you may have a great idea on something that can help people, it is not necessarily what the market wants. If the markets does not want what you provide, you are going to be broke!! So I stress the importance of step 1, and so does all the speakers at AIC. I will dive briefly into Step 1, so to do your market research, the best is to use Google Adwords Search Tool (www. freeadwordstool.com). Below are the basic steps: Step 1 - Peform Market Research
1. Google Adwords Search Tool
2. Select country of target (i.e. which demographics you are targeting)
3. Do a general keyword search (e.g. golf)
4. See if market exist by looking at the search volume
5. Do a further search to find your traget niche Once your keyword research is done, you need to find similar products related to your target niche. You can find these from: 1. Clickbank - www.clickbank.com
2. Comission Junction - www.cj.com Step 2 - Website Creation
Upon creating your content and finding your compliment products to sell. The next Step is to create your website. To create your website you need a hosting service to store your website.  I recommend getting it from HostGator. They are One of the World's Top 10 Largest Web Hosting, and comes with Free Website Builder & 4,500+ Free Website Templates to choose from, plus many more features.


I recommend you register for the Baby Program @US$7.95/mth if you are starting out new. Once you registered for your hosting plan, it is time to get your domain name.It is strongly suggested that you find a domain name with your keyword inside if you are marketing something. Of course, if you are creating a blog of yourself to talk about yourself, then just go ahead and get your own name as the Domain. You can get this @ GoDaddy *Remember to change the DNS to direct it Host Gator And lastly the last step for website creation is creating your actual website. The recommend program is XSite Pro. As much as your hosting plans comes with free website builder, it is not really optimised for Internet Marketing. You really have create your own or of course outsource it, but it is good to get your hands dirty at first and go through the learning process. =)