Besides getting use to being a father, I have been busy attending Adv PPC Program to enhance my Internet Marketing skills. I am specializing in SEM (Search Engeine Marketing) which consist of SEO and PPC. This month I fine tuned my own work flow for keyword research to create my PPC campaign.  My mentor, Fabian Lim, critique my keyword research and he said it was fairly tight, but of course there is still room for improvements. I was getting around 8-10% CTR, but conversion rate was low, which means my Landing page sucks and needs major improvement. At the same time I started getting into a habit of writing more articles for Article Submission. I was pretty amazed, when my first article was approved by Ezinearticles, and they gave me Expert Author status. I then started submitting more articles and am getting into a habit to write more! I also able to track the traffic coming to my blog through my resource box and it seems to be steadly increasing. What a cool thing!

I will also be readjusting some modules on my blog, so do bear with me on the changes. Thanks

Anyway I'll update more over this weekend. I got my 2nd Adv PPC class tonight and will be having my IM - Mastermind Group gathering tommorrow afternoon.

See you soon,

Andrew Boey

Hi everyone,

It has been a really busy month for me. My daughter, Naomi Boey, was born into this world on 2nd March. The experience of being a father is truely amazing. I would like to thank everyone who has helped in the 1st month.

Here's a little picture of her progress this month.

"Take what you do to the next level in 4 Steps?"

As a leader it is always your responsibility to take your team to the next level.  I felt there was lack of action, probably due to lack of motivation and focus. Hence I came up with a small mastermind session to help push my fellow Internet Marketers to the next level.

The meeting we had was awesome. We met on Saturday, 28th Feb, at Singapore Management University - Admin Building Café.  At the  mastermind session I was able to help them evaluate and motivate themselves to action with just a few exercise.  By the end of the 3 hr session, we were able to establish the following:

  1. What were the underlying beliefs and factors affecting your Internet Marketing
  2. What was each individual status-quo
  3. Setting realistic Milestones
  4. Vision Setting and Action Plan
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"Happy Chinese New Year - Year of the Ox"Year of the Ox

I wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year, this is going to be an awesome year.  Besides all the bad news that the media is portraying, I personally think it is going to be a great year for both life and business. As I always believe that "What You Focus on Expands!!"

By the way, here is something i came across regarding the Year of the Ox by a Feng Shui master who talks about what you can do to take full advantage of the Year of the Ox...Click on the Read More

"3 Part Guide in Creating Value in Your Life and In What You Do" Do you create value in your life and the people around you? Is what you are doing at any point in time creating value or is it creating value only in your own eyes. As I mentioned before the easiest way is to see your results, after all "Results" are the end product of your "Actions". Here was how I tried to create more value in my life this week.... Click the Read More...