Written By paperkool aka Glen Jon

Every exchange requires a transfer of thought. Every transfer of thought is a sell. Babies out of the womb, sell ideas with emotion. If a baby is hungry, what does it do? The baby cries wah wah. The crying alerts mother to the baby's needs. The baby sold that concept to mother. Understand if the baby cries and the mother does nothing, that's not a sale.

My writing is essentially in reply to what I saw in a forum. A lady wrote. "I want to work at home, but I don't want to do sales." I tried to explain to the lady, in my reply that every exchange you may do is, in effect sales, to one degree or another. You may not think of it in such a manner however, it's selling. When you apply for a job that you may consider a non sales job, in reality you're selling your resume or application. No matter what job you may have, it requires you to perform at a level of proficiency that convinces your boss to give you a check on pay day. You must "perform." Your performance is selling the idea you are qualified. You are selling constantly on a daily basis, weather you know it or not.

Talking to people is selling. Even a Jail Warden sells ideas. Some one may say "shut up." No matter how rude the thought is, it should be transferred at a level of coherent understanding. A dog growls at you. You know that means one thing. That growl transferred a thought. That's what selling is. Selling is merely transferring a thought so the recipient understands it and responds in an acceptable manner. When the dog growls at you and you stand there and do nothing, that's not a sale. The dog growls and you run.

That's a sale. The dog convinced you. Selling can be basic or it can be refined. The beauty of selling on the internet is that you can let a pre-recorded message do the work for you. Videos and articles do the selling job. A person will purchase what ever by submitting a check or credit card on line. There is no need to knock on doors or invite people to your living room. You really don't have to talk to anyone in person, if you don't want to. Let technology work for you.