General Note:

This week has been a really awesome and productive week. Not only have I gained more knowledge in Search Engine Optimisation for my Internet Marketing, I have also helped some of my friends to get started on their Internet Marketing by setting up the necessary accounts. It is a really good experience for me, as only by helping others and getting feedback from them, can you learn where you should focus your energy in creating more value. As part my growth and of my ever growing need to improve myself constantly, I will make sure that I am more efficient and productive in generating more value in my life and people around me. This can only been seen from the results that I will achieve from laying down my mission & vision > long-term goals > short-term goals > weekly goals > daily goals, and doing whatever it takes to achieve them despite any obstacles.

Success & Achievements for This week:

  1. Attended Asia Internet Congress 2008
  2. Watched Fabian Lim's SEO DVD - 1st Round
  3. Established a very basic Startup Guide for my Internet Marketing Group (Members only)
  4. Established the necessary Mailing list and Members Access on my Blog.
  5. Spent time with my wife and family
  6. Celebrated my brother-in-law's Birthday
  7. Increased my Financial Freedom Account(FFA)
  8. Planned for what to do next for my IM Group

Tentative Plan for my Internet Marketing Group:

  1. Create a instuctional video on setting up their blog (to help on clearing the technical part)
  2. Create Agenda for next meeting, Goal setting etc. (will need more feedback from the group)

Before I end off, I want to leave you all a quote

"Your "personal integrity account" reflects the amount of trust you have in yourself. When you consistently make and keep commitments to yourself, you invest in this account and increase your self-confidence. A high balance in your account is a great source of strength and security. Frequent withdrawals reduce your ability to set and achieve meaningful goals because your trust in yourself is love."
- The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People