I want to share with you a 10min clip (I found from YouTube) from one of my Mentors, T. Harv Eker.

T. Harv EkerHarv has always inspired me with the energy and spirit that he has. Thanks to his courses I have grown my inner-self in the past year. I have come to the stage, that I am Willing To Do What's Hard. A lot of times, Our Mind Will Take Us Out, because it is in the survival mode to be comforatable in what we do. My journey through that change was to first Be AWARE Of Yourself. Only Through Awareness Can There Be Change. Once you are aware of what your mind is stopping you from succeeding, you can Take The Necessary Action needed to get rid of those negative thoughts. I have made it a Habit to "Take Action" daily. It is my way of making sure things are done. My main focus for 2009 is building my Internet Marketing Business and creating a team to grow together. As an ending note:

"Do What Can Be Done Today, and Not Procrastinate It Till Next Time, Otherwise It Will Never Be Done!!"

Aho! To People Who Take Action! Andrew