"The Results of Taking Action" It has been an amazing 2 weeks. Let me share with you my experiences of these 2 weeks, most of it was spent helping my group grow their knowledge on Internet Marketing. Even though it is the Holiday Season, my group was very driven to learn and expand their knowledge.

Some of the group had just gone through the course by Jo-Han, an Internet Marketing Guru (so to speak). Based on what they learnt from his class, there was a need to create a blog to help drive traffic to their other marketing sites as one of the many ways of driving traffic. As I already had knowledge in the fundamentals of setting up websites with Joomla and Wordpress, I felt it was my responsibility as a leader and educator to share that knowledge.

As the saying goes "With  Power Comes Responsibility" and everyone knows in this Information age, "Knowledge is Power". I quickly took the initiative (i.e Taking Action)to create a small blogging workshop for my group. At the beginning I was a bit fearful as it was something new I was doing, but I took my Warrior Training and put it to use. "Act in Spite of Fear"!! During the process of creating the workshop and finalising the presentation, I learnt even more things about blogging and how to generate traffic. To be frank, what i covered was really the tip of the ice-berg. The one thing that was driving me, was the fact that I had to deliver great value in the shortest period of time, yet not sacrificing quality for speed. During my session, I learnt a lot of things about event organisation from conducting the workshop. Things I learnt include how well I articulated my presentation to my students, and how well they were able to understand it. How having a very thorough master logistic template is very important. I will take this as a learning experience and improve on it. The feedback from my students will greatly help me improve on the programme and take it to another level. I am really happy that the workshop went well and that I was able to give value to other people. To end off, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!!! 2009 is going to be an awesome year, and it will be a new chapter in my life and my new found friends wanting to create more value in their life and people around them.

Warmest Regards,

Andrew Boey