"What You Focus On Expands" This follows the Law of Attraction very closely. Where Manifestation of your thoughts will lead to the results of those manifested thoughts. So if you always think of the positive results, it is very likely that your end result will be what you hope to achieve.

Circle of Influence

How many of you noticed that sometimes we worry too much about something bad happening, it happens? This is a typical example of the manifastation of negative thoughts. I want to share with you a true story on the power of manifestation (i.e. What you focus on Expands) that I heard during my Seminars.

This lady grew up in an environment where her father was a womaniser and thus would cheat on her mother. Because of that constant exposure to that situation, she grew fearful that when she got married her husband would be like that. True enough she married someone, and after a few years, her husband did become what she feared the most, a womaniser. During her marriage she always thought of that fear, and because she thought of it, it lead to certain feelings of distrust between the couple, and lead her to act based on those feelings, like saying to her husband "Don't go out and find other women!". This of course lead the husband to grow less trustful of her, and hence he ended up doing what she didn't want him to do. Thanks to her sharing during the seminar, she was able to understand her very own thought process and how she ended up in a situation like hers. With her new found realisation of her inner-self she was now able to be more self-aware of her thoughts, and choose what she wants to focus on to expand, her positivity! Besides this story, I also have my own life experience on what you focus on expands. At one stage in my life about 10 years ago, i went through a stage of depression. Everyday I went through hell, and all I could think was negative thoughts like "no money, no love, no job, no one loves me". True enough the law of attraction kick in, and life was really a downhill then. Imagine only having $70 to eat for one month, and landlords chasing after you for rental (all this in a foreign country). I'm sure most of us will never want to go through life like that. Thankfully, God was kind and with his grace, I was able to meet someone who was able to bring me back to reality, see the beauty in the world and most importantly I was able to move on with life. If you look at these two stories, it follows exactly what my mentor always says:

"Your Thoughts(T) leads to your Feelings(F) which leads to your Action(A) and you achieve the Results(R) based on that action" T > F > A = R
That also means that if you don't Take Action means you have Zero Results, or in most cases you come out with a Story to justify why you didn't take action. During my journey of discovering my inner-self, the one most fundamental skill I learnt, was the ability to choose my thoughts. Because I was able to choose how I want to think, I could react with positive feelings and thus caused me to act in a positive way such that my results are positive. You may be asking how do I choose my thoughts?
The first step to growth within yourself, is to be Aware of your thoughts. Only through awareness of your thoughts are you able to examine them, and make the necessary corrections to achieve the results that you want, which in this case is positive results. You will find this difficult at the beginning but I have found it to be life changing. One tip which will help you accelerate this is to ask someone to help you with this, especially someone very close and dear to you. Remember the following:
Success breeds success
Mediocrity breeds mediocrity
Failure breeds failure
Only through practice and repetitive habits are we able to create the results we achieve. I hope that you find this insightful, please by all means leave your comments.

Andrew Boey