"3 Part Guide in Creating Value in Your Life and In What You Do" Do you create value in your life and the people around you? Is what you are doing at any point in time creating value or is it creating value only in your own eyes. As I mentioned before the easiest way is to see your results, after all "Results" are the end product of your "Actions". Here was how I tried to create more value in my life this week.... Click the Read More...


What I did to create more value in my own life and people around me

I hope you had an awesome week, because I did.  I completed a lot of things over the past 4 days
  • Studied about half of all the Google Adwords Professional Lessons
  • Completed my PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Class over the weekend
  • Celebrated my Birthday!!
  • Signed up for Advance PPC Programme to develop my PPC skills
  • Working on a JV with a new friend to develop a new business within the Internet Marketing
  • Started on my PPC Campaign to help drive traffic towards one of my business. The main campaign objective is to get opt it. This is to test the traffic too. At the same time I will be working on the product creation towards end of this month
  • Used my initiative to consolidate the class list for google groups to help facilitate discussions and issues that my classmate may face.
  • Got my first lead to offline consultation through my friend and Financial Planner
  • Completed the basic workflow of a Typical PPC Campaign
  • Went to the Gym!!..(need more exercise to get my energy up)
Wow, sometimes I am amazed by how much I can do in such a short time. I still think I need to be more efficient, as there are lots of wasted time that I can cut down. 3 Part Guide in Creating Value in Your Life and In What You Do Let me share with you some tips I found really useful for myself. I am not saying it is right or wrong, as I can only tell you from my experience and what I think works for me. It is totally up to you if you decide to try what I say. There are 3 Parts Part 1 - Planning
If this is your first time, set down 30mins a day to plan for the next day. Step 1: Set Your Objective (based on 30mins to 1hr Goals)
This is the most important step as it will keep you focus on what needs to be done. This goes for any task, project etc. Step 2: Set Your Time line (time yourself)
This pushes you to get it time in a set time. Step 3: Prioritize them according to what is the most important, remember if it is a long task, you need break it down and take it step by step.

Part 2 - Execution

This might be the hardest part, especially if you are used to giving excuses to yourself (e.g. I got no time, I am too tired, I can do it tomorrow, etc). Step 1: "Act In Spite of Your Mood"
Humans are creatures of habit, once we are too comfortable, we end up justifying our actions and we end up with a lame story. Therefore it is essential you must "Act In Spite of Your Mood". Step 2: "Act with Integrity"
I found it very useful to associate something that needs to be done with someone I do not want to let down, e.g. wife, your children, friends. Because if you let them down, trust is lost and you start loosing integrity, which is the core basis of your own being. It is like putting your life on the line. Part 3 - Living It!
The easiest part, repeat Part 1 & 2 everyday!! Once you live your life and walk the talk, you will have a never ending energy to keep pushing yourself to greater success. And as creatures of habits, the more successful you get, the more you breed success. You will overcome your fear and comfortably and do what ever it takes to succeed. So go out there and take on your daily challenges.