Besides getting use to being a father, I have been busy attending Adv PPC Program to enhance my Internet Marketing skills. I am specializing in SEM (Search Engeine Marketing) which consist of SEO and PPC. This month I fine tuned my own work flow for keyword research to create my PPC campaign.  My mentor, Fabian Lim, critique my keyword research and he said it was fairly tight, but of course there is still room for improvements. I was getting around 8-10% CTR, but conversion rate was low, which means my Landing page sucks and needs major improvement. At the same time I started getting into a habit of writing more articles for Article Submission. I was pretty amazed, when my first article was approved by Ezinearticles, and they gave me Expert Author status. I then started submitting more articles and am getting into a habit to write more! I also able to track the traffic coming to my blog through my resource box and it seems to be steadly increasing. What a cool thing!

I will also be readjusting some modules on my blog, so do bear with me on the changes. Thanks

Anyway I'll update more over this weekend. I got my 2nd Adv PPC class tonight and will be having my IM - Mastermind Group gathering tommorrow afternoon.

See you soon,

Andrew Boey