Hi All,

It has been a truely amazing weekend since my last post.  On Friday I went for my Adv PPC class, and Fabian made us do an exercise to help hone our keyword research to increase our efficiency. It was kind of funny, because we are still kind of green, and we think too much and end up wasting a lot of time, like 20 minutes to come up with keyword list of a simulated client. Fabian took less than a minute to come up with it!! We definitely learned from it. He also introduced us a CPA home study course, which Fabian says will be the next wave. Have to look into it.

On Saturday, I started doing keyword research for two of my friends companies and suprising I was doing it a lot faster. Thanks to Friday's exercise, I was able to filter faster and more efficiently.  In the afternoon, I had my Internet Marketing mastermind group meeting. I helped them solve some of the minor problems they had and at the same time our agenda for the meeting was doing keyword research. I made the group go through a few niches to let them practice. By the end of the exercise they were to understand the keyword research workflow better. It is interesting, teaching others helped me to internalize things better. Well I love teaching and helping others to be successful.

Sunday was a cool day, with all the lovely rain to help drop the temperature down more. (Yes, I love cold weather). Jean and I brought little Naomi out the whole day. We celebrated Jean's mum's birthday, went for Naomi's christening preparation meetup and went for sunday mass. We also borrowed the DVD Blindness to watch. It was really interesting show where the whole world goes blind expect for this lady. It is kind of on the slow side, but I found it good.

Well that sums up the weekend, I will commit to doing my Google Professional Adwords Examination before I attend my Adv SEO course. I definately should just get it over with, been procrastinating it...time to make a come back!! 

Talk to you soon,

Andrew Boey