Hi Everyone!

My name is Andrew Boey. I was born in Singapore and have spent many years in the UK and US; but now I’m living my life in our awesome country of Singapore.

I’m an Entrepreneur, a Coach and an Investor. I’m a Husband and the Father of 2 beautiful children, Naomi and Alvina. I live my life to the fullest and I love it!

But this wasn’t always the case.


Here is my story...

I grew up following the traditional path - went to school, studied hard, got good grades, got a good job and worked hard at my job.

Growing up, I went to one of the top schools in Singapore, ACS, at the age of 14, I went aboard to UK for high school at Cambridge and went to US to study at the University of Michigan for my Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Master degree in Applied Economics.

Unfortunately after graduation, the dot com crisis occurred. Despite having a good GPA, it was pretty difficult to find any job, but I eventually managed to land myself in a job at start-up company working on collaborative software for the automotive industry and after 1 year returned to Singapore to land my dream job (at that time) at UBS as an Investment Banker.

Life is Good and Dream Job

Within a short time, I work really hard from 100-120 hours a week, Monday to Sunday. The money was great, and I was learning a lot from the various deals that challenges you everyday with daily deadlines. Considering it was a 10k per month first “real” job, it was pretty amazing. I could not ask for more from what my parents has preach to me since I was young.


The Nightmare Begins

After getting use to the life of the job, everyday I would wake up at 8am to head to work and only to returning home at random time in the night ranging from midnight to on some occasions up to 5am. I hardly see my family as I was at work.

Having work with million and billion dollar deals, I started to realize that there is really an abundance of money in the world. That’s when I started asking myself, “Is the money I earn worth the time I am trading my life off? How does these people make those million and billion dollars?

Also due to the hectic lifestyle, I had no time to exercise, let alone spend time with my girlfriend at that time (now wife), and because of that my health took a downward spiral.

On 20 April 2004, that very fateful day that Nicoll Highway collapse. I also collapse on my desk and fainted. I was sent to the hospital and stayed overnight for observation. Doctor diagnose that I had high blood pressure and was under a lot of stress. He recommended that if I don’t change my lifestyle I would have a high chance of a heart attack and die.

That was pretty scary coming from a doctor. I finally got back to work and interesting enough 2 weeks later, I had small ACS gathering for our year to catch up. What happened next shock me. The organizer started off the gathering with a moment of silence. Apparently one of our classmate had passed on. I was pretty shocked considering our age of mid-20s. I later found out that he was also a banker and had a heart attack and died on his desk.

Thanks to those two incidents, I started questioning myself, “Do I prefer to Live or to carry on in the Rat-Race and work till I die, and in the worse case scenario, die for somebody else dream?”

About 2 months later, I decided to leave my Investment Banking job and went on a 3 week vacation to destress and rest up, and most importantly have some personal time to think and self reflect.


My First Lesson in Life and Financial Education

Thanks to these incidents and also because I choose to understand the signs, I have learnt my very FIRST lesson about Life and Financial Education:

Rule 1: It is not how much you make, but how efficient you make and how much you keep that matters

Rule 2: You must take care of your life and money, because you are the CEO of your life and nobody else will.

Rule 3: You must let your money work harder for you, only then will you be financially free.

Considering I am fairly educated person academically, it is until then I realized everything I learnt in school was NOT enough for me to learn to live my life and be financially free. Ironically the three most important things that are missing from our traditional school system are Happiness, Love and Money.


My Journey in Pursuit of Financial Freedom

Money isn’t everything; but without out money, we are limited to what we can do.

Without proper financial education, we will always be trapped in the “Rat Race”, trading time for money forever...

In the weeks of self reflection, I thought to myself, there has to be a better way to do things that I love and still make money out of it, you know, to really live our Life to the fullest.

In 2004, I embarked on my journey to pursue Financial Freedom. With the decision made, I found a 9-5 job in Process Improvement Operations so as to pay the bills, but still give me the time freedom to research and study entrepreneurship and financial freedom

In 2007, I finally went full time into entrepreneurship. Focusing on constantly improving myself and working on assets that generate passive income.

After 4 years of hard work and perseverance, in 2011, my wife and I have established more than multiple streams of income.

Today, we spend our time focusing on being a happy family, running our businesses, playing with our two lovely daughters and helping adults and children pursue their financial freedom journey.

It is my aim to share my journey with you, so that you can learn through my mistakes that I have made and see the lessons that I have learned, so that your can have the inspiration and courage to get started on your own journey.

I hope that you will find value in this website to compliment your learnings along your journey.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

To pay it forward to people who wants to achieve their financial and time freedom so that they can spend time with their love ones and Living Life!!

Our Vision:

To help 1000 people as a team to have at least $50,000/mth passive income